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GetMyMachine Vendor Manual

1. Creating an Account

  • To create an account with GetMyMachine, click on the ‘Register' button on top right hand side of the Home Page. The following registration form will appear. Fill in the details, accept the Terms & Conditions and register to continue.
  • LOGIN: Once registration is done, use the ‘Sign In' button on the top right hand of the page, and provide your Username and Password to login and access your account.


2. Account Details

  • Click 'My Profile' button to view details of your account, point status and transaction details.


3. View Requirement

  • To view requirements posted by the buyers, click on ‘View Requirement’ button on top right side of the page. The list of requirements will be displayed. To view details of the requirement, click on the ‘Read More’ button in the requirement box.
  • Buying an Enquiry: To purchase a requirement, click on ‘Buy Enquiry’ button in the requirement box and use your credit points to complete the transaction.


4. Search Requirement Options

  • SEARCH: To search for specific requirement by name, put the name in the search box provided beside the search button, and press ‘Search’ to see the list of requirement matching your search text.
  • ADVANCED SEARCH: In the above screenshot, Make your selections in these drop-down menus to see the list of requirement matching your Machine Category, Machine Type and Machine Sub Type selection criteria.

5. Advertise With Us

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